Community is Everything

One of the best aspects about the IBM Collaboration Solutions world is the fact that there is a lively and active community of people who can see that in fact there are better ways of collaborating than simply pushing files around and storing them in separate silos.

Attending events like IBM Connect or InterConnect are great for hearing from IBM and listening to what our Business Partners, Customers and IBM Champions think of our strategy and direction. Even more valuable, however, is when you get to attend one of the non-IBM events, such as Engage (in Antwerp, Belgium) or Social Connections (in Chicago, USA). At these events the agenda is driven by the community. IBM supports these events and makes sure that when required we provide speakers who can update the audience about what we are doing.

The most valuable part of these events though is the parts of the agenda where our customers, Partners and Champions contribute their views, their experience and their expertise. They tell it the way it is from their point of view. For anyone interested in getting a genuine view of IBM Collaboration Solutions, therefore, the authenticity of these events is unrivalled.

Engage is one of the biggest events in Europe this year solely dedicated for IBM Collaboration Solutions. It’s free to attend and I guarantee you will be impressed by the energy, enthusiasm, and frankly the passion that everyone there has for what we all believe to be the realistically best way to get more done, to empower people and to bring out the best of their talents.

Social Connections is another such event which alternates between Europe and the USA, is focused on the Connections product and all it has to offer. They have recently announced that one of their keynote speakers is none other than Jason Gary who is leading the development of the next generation of IBM Connections products.

So, if you want to hear from people who genuinely use IBM Collaboration Solutions products and who are happy to offer you their advice on how you can get more from work, collaboration and to engage your people, then I heartily recommend taking the time to attend one of these fine conferences.

Oh, and if you go, why not post a comment against this blog article to tell us how it was for you?


One thought on “Community is Everything

  1. The Norwegian user group, albeit a bit smaller in scale will be on June 7th and 8th. It’s, as far as I know, the only Nordic user group currently active. Everyone is welcome!


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