The definition of insanity

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Albert Einstein)

einstein_laughingHow many of us have changed how we deal with the ever-increasing volume and diversity of information we receive at work since the mid 1990’s?  Back then email was just getting going, the internet was just starting, and if we needed to send someone an urgent communication we picked up the phone or possibly sent a fax.

Today, as we all know, we still have email, multiple social networks, probably multiple chat networks, communities, forums, text messages, oh and phone calls too from time to time.

Are we overwhelmed by these tools all demanding more and more time from us?  Are we losing track of our jobs because people are using lots of different tools that we’re expected to stay on top of?  I am.  You might be too.

So the definition of insanity, as Albert Einstein, put it, must apply to you and me.  I must be insane to expect that I can not change my work processes to be more collaborative, less messaging focused.  If I didn’t hoard all my information that’s shareable, but put it somewhere others might get it, then perhaps I could cut down the number of requests I get for stuff.

This is just one example of the many use cases cognitive collaboration solutions can provide.  Starting on Monday 17th April, IBM Collaboration & Talent Solutions Business Partners can benefit from gaining a better understanding of the many other use cases IBM Verse and IBM Connections helps address.

Our NewWayToLearn program is an exclusive suite of over 400 hours of technical and sales enablement specially designed to help give our Business Partners a competitive advantage.

I am pleased to announce, however, that to help cure the insanity of many of our Partners’ customers – those who still share files on a file server, or treat email as their only knowledge store, or circulate huge word processor documents to hundreds of people unnecessarily – that we have an extra special gift for you.

Available now, in NewWayToLearn is some of our best thinking and advice around helping customers get the most from IBM Verse and IBM Connections.  We’ve prepared workshops, reference materials and a wealth of references and guidance for you, our Partners, to help your customers get the most from their cognitive collaboration solutions.

So, if you’re an IBM Collaboration & Talent Solutions Business Partner, what’s stopping you?  Get started today making a real change to your customers businesses.  You are their trusted advisors – help them improve their business with the tools they have, or should get that can make that difference.

IBM Business Partner but no access to NewWayToLearn?  Sign up here:

Already got access?  Get going now:

IBM Connections Adoption Guidance:

IBM Verse Adoption Guidance:


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