Changing the default font in IBM Notes on Mac

Post this to the category of “If I don’t write it down I will never remember”.

The default font used in IBM Notes on the Mac is Lucida Grande.  It’s OK but not really my preference.  In Windows its possible via the Preferences to change the font but for some reason this option did not make it to the Mac version.  It’s still possible to do it, but with a little “hacking”:

  1. Shut down IBM Notes.
  2. Right click on the IBM Notes icon in Applications in Finder and select “Show Package Contents”.
  3. A Finder window will appear.  Open the “Contents” folder then “MacOS” then “rcp”.
  4. Locate the file called:
  5. Open this in your favourite text editing tool.
  6. Locate the line called: Grande
  7. Change the font name to something you prefer, e.g. Helvetica, Arial, whatever.
  8. Save the file
  9. Start Notes.
  10. Shazam.  New font applied across the application.

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