A New Way To Work

I believe that after twenty years of enterprise collaboration solutions, which started not long after email arrived, we still have not found the core benefits and productivity improvements we hoped for.

My belief is that the desire for an organization to become a better version of itself must come first. Second it needs to understand what it can realistically do to make it better. Thirdly it needs to work with what it has and add new dimensions and solutions appropriately when people need them, rather than have them imposed in the hope that a use will be found.

As part of my work at IBM I designed this series of presentations which start from first principles around where we are in our digital transformation and how you can realistically identify, plan and execute projects to drive the improvements.

Although the material is focused around IBM Collaboration Solutions I am sure you will find the themes applicable to any solution. Indeed the whole concept is to help improve your business, not drive a specific vendor’s solutions.